Two Trained Killers

On July 4, 2014 by extraord

DK and Chekko visited Hoxne Brewery and brewed their first beer “TWO TRAINED KILLERS”, a 12% fortified porter with champagne yeast.


Strong Porters and stouts usually suffer from  a gritty feel in the mouth from the high amounts of the roasted barley used. To improve the feel of such a high gravity beer we will use Nitrogen and serve at a low temperature under pressure.


Ales served using a hand pumps have a smooth feel from the air (mostly nitrogen) introduced with the pump action. Nitro keg beer (i.e Guinness) use the addition of nitrogen gas to mimic the smoothness of real ales. Small scale keg to keg via a remote cooler to chilli the beer to 3% and allow the take up of the gas is possible. The addition of nitrogen will greatly improve the presentation of the beer and overcome the gritty mouth feel that gravity served porters .


After the days brewing the boys celebrated with a little party, lots of food and plenty of real ales.


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