Barley To Beer

About the East Anglian Barley to Beer Project

The East Anglian Barley to Beer Project aims to connect people with the heritage, producers and ingredients behind our local ale and food. It also aims to brew iconic beers that will have a worldwide appeal, and showcase East Anglia’s unique brewers and farmers.

We were influenced by visiting trainee brewers from Italy and the US who displayed great passion for their brewing and they designed their brews to be full of flavour, exploring a new, wider range of ingredients.

The project was was founded by the East Anglian Brewers Co-op and Brendan Moore, renowned brewer and owner of Iceni Brewery (


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The East Anglian Barley to Beer Project is supported by the EU LEADER rural development programme. LEADER is a source of support and funding for farmers, foresters, rural businesses and community organisations. This support is available for projects from all these sectors and  is awarded in order to strengthen and support the local rural economy or community.
Learn more on the LEADER website here.


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