Ohdol Beer

The OHDOL BEER project is designed to inform, educate and provide a link between Korean Brewers Dokyeong Oh, Hojung Chai & the fine brewing heritage of East Anglia.


DK and Cheko decided that during a break in their studies they would travel to the UK and learn how to brew the beers that they love but cannot get back in Korea.

The idea was formed in 2012 when DK visited London and stopped at the Founders Arms, there he tried real ale for the first time. Falling in love with the drink he started to brew his own beers back in Korea without much success. So together with good friend Cheko they formed the OHDOL Beer project and started to raise funds through crowd funding to return to the UK and work with craft brewers and learn how to produce high quality beers.

While researching when to go they found out about the Extraordinary Ales project run by Iceni Brewery and the East Anglian Co-operative. They got in touch with Brendan Moore at Iceni brewery and they decided that this was the place to go both for good beers and the Extraordinary Ales project.

The beers that they will produce whilst in the UK will be available as part of the Extraordinary Ales series of beers which was started with the forge fired “Terrible Beauty Is Born” and has gone from strength to strength.

More details to follow……..

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