East Anglian Brewers @ West Lexham

On July 16, 2014 by extraord

Today I got to meet up with more of the brewers from the East Anglian Brewers Co-operative. We gathered at the West Lexham creative space for a get together to discuss how trade is going and what new and exciting projects are being lined up for the rest of the summer.


Brendan from the Iceni introduced the Ohdol Beer project to those who had not been involved and we showed what we have been doing so far.

I cooked some Korean food for the group and we enjoyed this with some of the local beers.

I planned to cook Bibimbap (a dish of rice and mixed vegetables) but i could not get hold of Korean vegetables in the area. So I cooked a spice bean sprout and curried potato dish.


All the brewers enjoyed the food and I enjoyed the beers very much.

We also waved goodbye to Cheko for 10 days. He will be visiting breweries in Paris and Rome associated to the EAB gathering more information for the project. As well as a little sight seeing along the way.

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